How it all works


It’s a team effort. Sometimes people come to us with the idea ready to go, other times all they know is they want to do something animated. At Animate Events – We have over 11 years production experience working with a diverse range of clients and are very at home in advising both with the story and style for the occasion.

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The style is very tailored to the video. Often it can be inspired by favourite cartoons or videos. We produce the films in 2D digital animation – See our prices section and style guides for further information.

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Absolutely! – We want you to 110% satisfied with every aspect of your video and fully allow for this in the creative process.
The beauty of the videos we make, is that every part of the production is completely tailored to the project. (Quite the opposite of a ‘template’ approach. From the characters looking like the real people to the backgrounds triggering memories – We take pride in every scene and your feedback is central to the creative process.
In general, ANIMATE EVENTs is responsible for delivering the formats to the screen companies and ensuring the films are in line with the technical requirements of the venue. We do work with a number of partners, so if screen costs are required do let us know and we can help provide the costs of screen hire.

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The Process:

  1. Concept Development
  2. Script Writing
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Character Design
  5. Background Design
  6. Voice Recording
  7. Animatic Production
  8. Animation Production
  9. Sound + Music
  10. Compositing + Special FX
  11. Rendering
  12. Delivering Video Digitally for Event
  13. Merchandise/Bonus Formats